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Girls On The Run FAQs

What does Girls on the Run do?

One girl put it this way, "I learned that I am the boss of my brain." Helping girls take charge of their lives and define the future on their terms. You can also think of it as Can University—a place where girls learn that they can. No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable.

How do we play a role in our girls' lives?

Lots of ways, but we start with helping the girls get a better understanding of who they are and what's important to them. Then we look at the role of teams and healthy relationships. And, finally, we explore how girls can positively connect with and shape the world. And remember, we believe that life-changing experiences can be fun too—for everyone—the girls, coaches, families and other volunteers. So don't be surprised when you hear laughter along with self-reflection and see beaming smiles across the beautiful, confident faces of our girls.

How much does it cost?

Participants of Girls on the Run and their families choose a program fee ranging from $40 to $105 based on total household income. All registration including the lower program fee will be online. 

What does the program fee include?

  • 10 weeks of lessons conducted by two certified GOTR Coaches 
  • All lesson materials 
  • GOTR water bottle 
  • Participation in the 5K End-of-Season Run
  • Official GOTR t-shirt 
  • Finisher Medal

What if a girl is unable to pay the registration fee?

We turn no girl away from our program due to financial limitations.  Each season, approximately 40% of our girls required either full or partial financial support to participate in the program.  We are committed to raising funds so that every girl who wants to participate can have the chance to do.  If you would like to contribute, please make a donation to our Lace It Up Annual Fund which provides scholarships.

What happens next after I register my daughter?

The week before lessons start, coaches receive their rosters and will call to introduce themselves to you and your daughter. (Please see registration section for season timeline.) The coach will discuss with you: meeting spot, meeting time, what to bring to practice, the required health form and pick-up authorization form, and will answer any other questions you may have for her.

If you registered online, you will receive a confirmation email from Everyone, regardless of registration method, will receive a welcome email from the GOTR Program Manager within 2-3 days of your registration. If you do not receive the welcome email, please check your junk mail/spam folder.

How old does my daughter have to be to participate?

Girls on the Run curriculum is designed for elementary school students who are 3rd – 5th grade (8-11 years old). Topics include not doing drugs, peer pressure, body image, emotions, etc. and we want all girls to get the full experience of the program and not feel lost.


Girls on Track is the middle school curriculum of Girls on the Run and is designed for students who are 12-14 years old and in 6-8th grade. Like the Girls on the Run curriculum, Girls on Track combines training for a 5K running event with age appropriate activities and experiences which empower girls to honor their bodies, voices and gifts and in doing so, activate their individual power.

What if my daughter is not a "runner"?

Most girls at this age are not track runners.  We do not focus on speed or competition, and we fully expect that girls may need to do some walking, especially at first, and then work up to mostly running.  The main thing is that they come out and TRY their best!

Do we have to attend the 5K race at the end of the season?

This is the BIG celebration event that the girls train for all season, so it is important to attend.  Please make every effort to save the date on your calendar and to be there to support your daughter and all the girls. This is a huge accomplishment for them and a very special day.

Can we join a team that meets twice a week even if my daughter can only attend once a week?

In order for girls to get the full experience, they should be able to attend 80% of all lessons.  Our lessons build on each other, so if a girl was only coming to every other lesson, she would likely feel lost. Our Absentee Policy is as follows:

Due to the importance of group dynamics and the experiential learning process of the Girls on the Run curriculum, girls who are absent for more than four (4) practices (one day a week sites count as two practices) during one season will no longer be eligible to participate in Girls on the Run.  It is critically important to the efficacy of the girls' program experience that they participate in both sessions each week.

How do I start the program in my child’s school?

Within Northeast Florida, we deliver the program in all interested schools that have a presence within Nassau, Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Flagler or Baker counties.  For more details, check Starting a New Site in the Locations (insert link) section.

Can my daughter repeat the program?

Yes! Each of our curricula was designed to be used over and over again, with girls new to the program and with girls repeating the program.  We also know that what a child experiences and learns in Girls on the Run as a third grader is quite different from what she learns as a fourth or fifth grader.  Repetition increased the depth of learning and the ability of a girl to apply what she learns at each lesson increases.  Within GOTR, we alternate between two curriculum each year, so our girls experience similar topics with different games and activities from one season to the next. And with that experience from one year to the next, returning girls often naturally step into mentoring and leadership roles with the younger girls.

Why are teams limited to 20 girls?

We find that our teams are most effective with 8 to 20 girls.  Much of the GOTR curriculum is designed to build team dynamics among the girls.  Teams must have at least eight girls in order for the activities in each lesson to be effective and yet we also need to ensure the size of the group is manageable for our coaches.  Because we also want each girl to contribute to our conversations during each lesson, we are committed to keeping the groups to a reasonable size.  If sites have more than 20 girls who want to join the program, they may be considered for multiple teams if space and resources allow.

Can my daughter participate at another site if the program is not at her school?

Yes. Many of our sites are offered at YMCA's or local parks so that girls from any school can join.

How can I help and get involved?

Our biggest needs are always volunteer coaches and sponsors.  Please see our Volunteer page.

Simple, engaging and extraordinary. The result? Healthy, confident girls who can.